It wasn’t funny but…..

How satire nailed events at the Capitol better than mainstream media

The thing about satire is that if you find it funny and you recognise the truth that makes it funny, it’s probably wasted on you. That’s not to say that good satire is worthless or that a good belly laugh at the absurdities of the politics of the day is neither satisfying nor restorative. It just means that those on ‘the other side’ won’t be laughing along with you.

On the back of the mob gate-crashing the Capitol, there were a number of tweets and posts that captured the events with humour. This is in contrast to the apocalyptic responses from those so worried about democracy they immediately forget what the US has done recently in Venezuela, Honduras, and Bolivia, to name just three near neighbours.

So, first, the Onion explained why police numbers were low at the Capitol:

D.C. Police Lose Control Of Rioting Trump Supporters After Hundreds Of Officers Called Away To Deal With Black Jaywalker

Then there were a couple of tweets that appeared in my feed. Neither of which I saved or copied because I’m an idiot.
The first tweet went along the lines of:

“At last, a right-wing coup not supported by the Democrats”.

That was both accurate and timely, I thought. Kudos to its originator and I apologise for the lack of attribution.

Same goes for the next tweet:

“The coup was bound to fail because Washington doesn’t have a US Embassy to co-ordinate communications and logistical support.”

A serious moment captured through a wry humour that does more to explain the dangers we face from the right — and what we can call the ‘extreme centre’ — than some easy blaming of Trump and his supporters. The ills that have led us here lie deeper in the rotten core of empire and the capitalism that makes victims of more and more of us.

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